We manufacture a wide range or Paper Tubes and Cores that cater various industries including, Paper, Films, Cables and Wires, Flexible Packaging, BOPP, PVC and Speciality Tapes, Photographic Paper and Films, among others.
Tubes from internal diameter of 25 mm upto 610 mm in invariable lengths and in thickness of upto 25 mm can be made on fully automated improved machines. The recently developed tubes of upto 610 mm internal diameter finds applications in civil construction for cement and concrete column / pillar casting.


Superior Manufacturing Processes to ensure that our cores offer the highest in quality, performing under the toughest packaging demands


BOPP Films, Cables and Wires, Flexible Packaging, packing of Furnishing Fabrics, Packing of Denims, PP Strapping, Texturizing, Packing of Carpet, Multi-Layer Films, Paper Industry, Aluminium Foils, Polyester Films, Asbestos Industry, Kraft Paper Mills etc.

Specification Range
Internal Diameter 1 inch to 22 inch
Core Thickness 2 mm to 25 mm
Core Length up to 8,000 mm
Radial Compression Strength up to 1,000 kgf / 100 mm Core Length
Inner and Outer Surface Plain Kraft, White, up to 8 colour printing, Grinded and Wax Coated, Polycoated, Embossed, Knurled among others