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Welcome to DAMAN GANGA
Daman Ganga is a company engaged in recycling packaging products with a focus on environment friendly technologies.

Recently, we have developed a unique process to recycle "difficult to recycle laminates“ We can recover and recycle practically any sort of packaging waste, pre or post consumer.

We produce a range of recycled products including Paper, Core-Board, Cores & Tubes, Fibre-Drums, Roof Sheets, Partitions Boards, Insulation Boards, Acoustic Boards, Plastics composites, Bio-Fuels, Recycled Lube Oils, etc.

We have very strong capabilities to recycle all types of secondary and recovered post consumer packaging wastes.
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256, Selvas Road, P.O. Box No.65, GIDC. Vapi - 396 195. Gujarat - INDIA.
Tel : +91-260-2400523, 2422523, 2432522, Fax : +91-260-2430522, E-mail : info@damanganga.com